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Raise The Philly Wage

Ori Feibush has endorsed a plan to increase the minimum wage in Philadelphia. Ori is advocating to build a coalition that takes on the dysfunction in Harrisburg and get the state legislature and governor to change the law, permitting Philadelphia to act on its own in raising the wage.

Ori supports reducing inefficient nuisance taxes that provide limited tax revenue to the City while creating significant burdens for business owners.  Business owners want to focus on building their businesses and investing in their workers.  Instead they are spending their time and money hiring lawyers and consultants to navigate City Hall just so that they have the right to do business in our City.

And in the race for Philadelphia's 2nd City Council district, Ori is the only candidate with the experience to know that this is smart economics because he is the small business owner who has created jobs and pays all his employees more than the federal minimum wage standards.

Ori Feibush - Leading by example.