Ori Feibush for City CouncilOri Feibush for City Council

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Smart City Planning

Philadelphia is a great city, but it can be better. We have too many antiquated policies and systems in place - but there are some simple changes that would lead to big improvements. Ori will work to implement common sense solutions as we plan a brighter future for the 2nd District.

1. Smarter Storm Water Management

This initiative will replace the unnecessary and costly current requirements for storm water management with an impact fee that would generate millions of dollars to rebuild and maintain public spaces.

The City of Philadelphia is in need of smarter planning and smarter spending.  Our storm water management is a great place to begin.

Developers would be able to pay an impact fee for storm water management. Generated funds would be used to rebuild our school playgrounds, basketball courts, and public spaces with permeable surfaces.

For example, a $10 per square foot (land area) impact fee in place of the on-site storm water management currently required could result in millions of dollars annually being directed to our public facilities and schools, while providing more effective storm water management across the 2nd District and the city as a whole.

Smart private-public initiatives like this can rebuild our public spaces while reducing barriers to smart development.


2. Bike Safety

This initiative will re-purpose resources that the city already owns to protect bicyclists. 

In the interest of keeping our cycling commuters safe, we should re-purpose the concrete barriers that currently surround vacant lots and use them to create protected bike lanes on targeted streets throughout the district.   If a street is wide enough to accomodate a separate bike lane without disrupting vehicle traffic flow, then there is no reason not to use resources that we already have to improve the safety of our citizens.