Ori Feibush for City CouncilOri Feibush for City Council

Stand with Ori

Feibush Endorsed By Philadelphia Daily News!

Posted May 8, 2015

Incumbent Kenyatta Johnson may work hard for his district constituents, but it's one he doesn't work for that has put his seat on the line: Ori Feibush, a developer who has made an issue of the stranglehold of Councilmanic privilege over his frustration in securing land he wants to develop in the district, claiming that Johnson steers too many parcels to political donors.

Equitable development is one of the key issues in the city, and Feibush has brought to light a key question: Does the market drive growth in a neighborhood, or do politics?

We think it's a balance that Feibush understands better than Johnson. Feibush, who gets our endorsement, has made a compelling case for breaking the mold of politics-as-usual, and could bring a much needed business-oriented perspective to Council. We also are disturbed by Johnson's recent misstep over a "nonprofit" he created called Peace Not Guns, which claimed to have an IRS tax-exempt status when it didn't, had few financial records or a clear idea of how much money it solicited. Despite good intentions, this is a glaring mistake, especially for someone who has held elected office -including serving as state rep - for six years.